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Babatunde Oladotun (full name Babatunde Abidugun Olusegun Oladotun XI) is the current head coach of the Arizona Wildcats in the NFCAA, as well as commissioner of the Pac-12 Conference.

Early Life[edit]

Oladotun was born in Abuja, Nigeria, to Nigerian royalty. As a child, his hobbies included tricking Americans into giving up large sums of money, claiming to be their "Nigerian prince friend." He was also a passionate basketball player and was unusually tall.

NBA Career[edit]

Oladotun moved to the United States at age 15 to improve his game. He grew to 7 foot 7 by age 18, and was a dominant center. He was the most hyped college prospect of all time, and stunned the college basketball world by committing to LSU (he later revealed he did this because they bribed him the most). He spent one year as a one-and-done prospect at LSU, and was drafted first overall in the NBA Draft by the Seattle SuperSonics. He led the Sonics to the Finals in his third NBA season and won it all in his fourth, being named Finals MVP. After being tired of the Sonics' poor play a few seasons later, he crushed Seattle fans' hearts by signing with an expansion team, the Montreal Reds. He won another championship there. A few years later, the Reds were on the decline, and he was traded to the Denver Nuggets at the trade deadline. He led the Nuggets to another championship, his third in his career, and retired a few years later. Oladotun was one of the NBA's best players throughout his career, but never won MVP. He is still known as one of the greatest fictional NBA players of all time.

Venture into Football[edit]

After retiring from the NBA, Oladotun pursued a career in the newly minted NFCAA, a fake college football league. Basketball was his sport, but he had played football in high school and was a dominant long snapper, so football wasn't unfamiliar to him. He became the head coach of the Arizona Wildcats, and a couple weeks into his coaching tenure, was voted into the office of Pac-12 commissioner, as the previous one had been involved in a collusion scandal. He was the first commissioner to be voted into his position. "My fellow conference-men just selected me to be their new leader, so I took up the job," he said after his election. He has done much more than coaching in fake college football; he reffed seven games, including the famed Lunacy in Lubbock; created a fake college football imperialism map (which is still a work in progress), created a new Pac-12 conference schedule to fix the one left over the previous commissioner, and had a major role in dealing with the too much sauce saga (main article: Colorado Buffaloes).

Oladotun's first game involved the tragic death of Brock Boldbuck. The Wildcats would go on to defeat Stanford, 38-24, as the Cardinal underwent a coaching switch mid-game.

After his first game, in an effort to get the slow first week of play finished, Oladotun decided to hop on a plane to Kalamazoo to fill in for the missing Fresno State head coach. He led the Bulldogs to a 60-57 victory, by way a 75 yard hail mary with just 4 seconds left. Right after that game, he decided he wasn't done coaching; and decided to take his talents to South Beach for the Ohio-USF game, stepping in as Ohio's temporary head coach. After calling one play, a PAT, for the Bobcats, Oladotun decided to fly to his childhood favorite school, Clemson, when an opening was discovered there. He couldn't coach Clemson to a victory, and then took his talents back to South Beach to coach FIU against Washington, who was being sub-coached by ARKY (main article: Arkansas Razorbacks). ARKY ended up coming out on top.

Basketball Coaching Career[edit]

Oladotun was a founding father of NFCAA basketball, and reprised his fake college football role as Arizona coach and Pac-12 commissioner over there. Since taking over Arizona basketball, he has become the face of fake Arizona sports. He also organized preseason tournaments for fake college basketball, himself playing in the Founding Fathers' Classic (which was his idea). His son Abayomi Oladotun, also a 7'7" center and the long snapper on the Arizona football team, is the star player of Arizona's basketball team.

Baseball Career[edit]

Having conquered basketball already, Oladotun decided to pursue a career in fake baseball as a shutdown, 7'7" outfielder. He signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He currently has a 1.000 batting average with the team, getting a double on his first fake baseball at bat.

Other Hobbies[edit]

Oladotun is also the president of Nigeria in Discord Nations. He inherited being the Nigerian head of state from his parents, but decided to be called a president instead of a king, wanting to modernize and be more of a true democracy.