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Hall of Fame
Captain CC

Fake College Football Hall of Fame[edit]

The Fake College Football Hall of Fame was created during a Coaches Council vote after a proposal brought fourth by Captian CC. The Hall of Fame was created to recognize those that have exceled in the community and in the game. The voters are a combination of Fake FBS and Fake FCS coaches.

Hall of Fame Class Season 4[edit]

The inaugural Hall of Fame class was elected prior to the start of season 5 and had some strong people elected.


Baba was elected to the Hall of Fame receiving 14 out of 15 possible votes. Baba is best known for running the league. From assigning new coaches to teams, to running the behind the scenes stuff, Baba is considered the most known face in FCFB.


Dick was elected to the Hall of Fame receiving 11 out of 15 possible votes. Easily known for founding the league way back when. Without him, we wouldn’t have this amazing community to even begin with.

Rhule D[edit]

Rhule D was elected to the Hall of Fame receiving 11 out of 15 possible votes. FBS voting member cannibaljohnson had this to say about Rhule D: Over five seasons we have had some amazing leadership for this league. Many of us have become accustomed to seeing Baba being the face of the league, making major announcements, so on and so on. But there was one before him. A coach and a leader who, even though he has not been apart of the community here in over four seasons, is still spoken of fondly by those who knew him and played in the league with him. This man is largely unknown by those that joined after his departure, only spoken of by those who were there; almost as if he is a mythical legend. This legend was Rhule D. World. Rhule was the "Baba" during the birth of the league. He, along with Hall of Famer Dick, managed the league in a time where one game would not take a week, but two and a half months. During Rhule D leadership, ref bot was a dream, there was more teams than players, and the league was in its infancy. This was make or break time for the league and it is abundantly clear that without Rhule, we would not be playing the game we love to this day.


Nominated unanimously with Hall of Fame Voters, there would be no FCFB without Watchful…that’s all I need to say to justify the only unanimous inductee to the first HOF Class of FCFB. We don’t know much about Watchful himself other than the fact he is a Hokie himself (go Hokies!), but the work that he has done to allow FCFB games to be played *without* the need for human refs outright *saved* the sport in its early days. Those of you who were around for the first week of FCFB know how slow manual refs are. Games didn’t take days…or even weeks to finish, they took *months* to finish in the pre-RefBot world. Not to discredit the work those refs did but FCFB would not have survived without RefBot and his work to this day is why we get range changes implemented quickly or whenever the bot breaks, he is right there to fix it. He never did play FCFB but he still has the largest footprint on the FCFB Landscape to this day due to the fact that *everyone* uses his bot to play the game. For all of his work to the game of FCFB…he will forever be remembered in the history books of FCFB.