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Pittsburgh Panthers
First Season: 2017
  • Pittsburgh Panthers (2017-present)
  • Pitt Shit Eaters (2017-present)
Other Nicknames
Pitt, Eat Shit
ACC Conference
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanuia
Blue and Gold
Head Coaches
CFP National Championships
Conference Championships

The University of Pittsburgh is a NFCAA accredited university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The football team plays in D-I NFCAA football in the Atlantic Coast Conference. It's football team began operations in the 2017 season and has been employed by two coaches since then. The team plays at Heinz Field, the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, on March 31, 2018, the school announced the building of an athletic complex, which would house both the football and basketball programs.


The university's official motto is "Eat Shit Pitt". The motto was invented in the beginning phases of the football season, when coaches of other universities began to tell Coach 2 Little Sauce that his team "Eat's Shit". As a result, the players of the University of Pittsburgh has embraced the motto and have used it ever since.

Another tradition of the University of Pittsburgh is to kill off one of their coaches at half-time. This tradition began in week 1 of the 2018 season, when defensive coordinator and associate head coach Dilly Dom was killed as a result of a poor first half against Old Dominion Monarchs, where the team was tied at halftime by a score of 20-20. The decision to kill their defensive coordinator was made by the school's Athletic Director and President, John Jim Bob Jooter. The team would go on to win the game 41-32; Jooter would later dedicate the win to Coach Dom, who's statue sits in front of the team's bookstore

The Coach's Poll Salt of 2018[edit]

After week 1, when the Coach's Poll was announced officially by coach's of the NFCAA, Pittsburgh was no where to be seen, sitting in the 40s of the rankings. As a result, coach 2 Little Sauce went on a tirade, singling out certain coaches for their involvement in what he called "a disservice to fake college football". The three coaches accused of singling out Pitt were Colorado State's head coach "Alexander Hamilton", Michigan State head coach "Max Wasson" and BYU head coach "Brigham Young". No action was taken in the case.

Rivalry Games[edit]

Logo History[edit]

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2018 Fake Schedule[edit]

Week Loc Opp Score
1 vs Old Dominion W 41-32
2 @ Buffalo -
3 vs. Penn State -
4 vs. Syracuse -
5 @ Louisiana-Monroe -
6 vs. Duke -
7 @ North Carolina -
8 @ Clemson -
9 vs. Georgia Tech -
10 @ Virginia -
11 @ Virginia Tech -
12 @ Miami (FL) -

Football Roster[edit]



Num Name Pos Year Hometown
1 Johnny Pocket QB Fr Thunder Bay, Ontario, CN
22 Speedy Rocket HB Fr Thunder Bay, Ontario, CN
69 Ronnie Dermott FB Sr Brentwood, PA
72 Heinz Watts LT So Philadelphia, PA
73 Joe McTooter LG Jr Rock Springs, WY
56 Jimmy Conley C Jr Yonkers, NY
78 Will Williams Jr RG Jr Philadelphia, PA
62 Apex Ranker RT Sr Los Angeles, CA
80 Rollie Pollie Carter WR Jr Jacksonville, FL
6 Harry Litzgerald WR Sr Minneapolis, MI
82 Chris OchentaYDos WR Fr Mexico City, MX
2 First Last WR Fr San Antonio, TX
9 Robert Ryder WR Fr York, PA
92 Ronnie Payton TE Fr Harrisburg, PA
3 Daddy Longlegs K Sr Davie, FL
15 Soocer Playr P Jr Boulder, CO
99 Jack Long-Davis LS Fr Pittsburgh, PA


Num Name Pos Year Hometown
92 J-Monet Embiid LE Jr Goma, DR Congo
20 Ronnie Sterling NT Sr Manchester, England
99 Oktober Muller RE Jr Munich, Germany
1 Marcos De Uno OLB Jr Barcelona, Spain
55 Olli Rock OLB Fr Harrisburg, PA
51 Twix Twister MLB Fr Hershey, PA
7 Myles Bush MLB Jr Key West, FL
32 ToonMooch Sawce CB Sr Boulder, CO
22 K'Money Johnson CB Jr Harrisburg, PA
3 俐虎 FS Sr Tokyo, Japan
33 馬鹿 SS Sr Nara, Japan
18 Freddie Fast KR Fr Tuscon, AR
17 Tiger Mooney PR So Springfield, IL