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UTSA Roadrunners
Established in 1969
  • UTSA Road Runners (2017-present)
  • The Dad Factory
Conference USA
San Antonio, Texas
Navy Blue, White, and Orange
Head Coaches
CFP National Championships
Conference Championships


Back in the olden days of like...2005, Joe 'Shoe String replacement' Joe and Harold 'Toenail masker' Johnson decided that this school needed a team. So they went and prayed at the Alamo and like 40 dudes showed up. The end.

Rivalry Games[edit]

North Texas

Texas State

While not known for football, we hate these teams because they have Texas in their name.

Logo History[edit]

Not available


Not available

Football Roster[edit]

Num Name Pos Year Weight Height
7 Jumblingy Glacklyracktion Faceventermenfartini QB FR 210 3'28
53 Snap Balls C SO 425 6'
890 Fart BasketBreath RT FR 423 5'9
85 Scourge McFreezeRay RE S 4 6'9
82 Pound DerGround LE S 310 6'2
88 Sam Slafglinhhi LT JR 310 6'2
34 Civilian Baby TE FR 256 9'2
12 Swabadu Ladies WR FR 210 6'2
13 Swabaladu Ladies WR FR 226.2399 6'3
14 Swabadaladu Ladies WR FR 201 6'1
19 Clondo Jall RB SO 500 5'1

Num Name Pos Year Weight Height
29 Marcus Davenport DL FR 264 6'5
29 Marcus Fabriceous DL SR 300 6'7

Num Name Pos Year Weight Height
1 Aco Boviax K,P, KR FR 251 7'4

Schedules and Results[edit]

Season 1
Week OPP Home/Away Score Game Data
1 Army Home 26-14 L ARMY_UTSA
2 Michigan Away 44-29 L
3 Fresno St Away 27-17 W
4 Wyoming Home
5 Western Kentucky Away
6 UTEP Home
7 Old Dominion Away
8 Southern Miss Home
9 UAB Home
10 Louisiana Tech Away
11 North Texas Home
12 Rice Away


Song Of Meep

   Meep meep meep, I'll meep your face
   I'll meep you to you die
   Die, die, end your life
   meep meep meep meep meep